Use Shaowsocks on Linux platform


As we know, Shaowsocks is a wonderful app to visit the website which can not be visited in China. So, let’s START!

First: Install Shaowsocks

How to install Shaowsocks? It’s easy in Linux system. If you are using Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch and anything else which is supported apt or yum. You can install it fastest!


sudo apt-get install shaowsocks


yum install shaowsocks

Second: Create a profile

Create a now json document:

sudo gedit /etc/shadowsocks.json

Then, paste it in it:




    "local_address": "",





    "fast_open": true,

    "workers": 1

You have already created a profile for Shaowsocks.

Third: Run Shaowsocks

sslocal -c ./shadowsocks.json

Finally: Set the browser

Open the settings in your browser which you want to set. Find the “Proxy Configuration” and enter the info in it.


Enjoy 🙂


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