​Installed Google services, make any inconceivable things with your voice on the Android platform or the iOS platform.

The Google Assistant has lots of amazing things. Not only set an alarm, create a note, remind me what to do and tell me the answer with natural language but also take a ticket when I near the cinema, tell me what the flower it is by camera sensor, make photos more clearer and remove the block in the picture with Google lens and control household appliances. This smart assistant can make our life more and more easy and fast. Let us enjoy our life. Google Assistant, a powerful app I've ever used. But I just can speak English to control it. It's a pity that the Google Assistant cannot be support Chinese language. I hope, the smart assistant will come to China.

For more details, please watch Google I/O 2017 for help. The Google I/O has got lots of amazing new features. Not only covered the field of electronic digital also covered the field of medicine.With the development of science and technology, I hope we will stay away from the disease.

Hope to be a free geek forever.