Meizu MX5国内版刷国际版固件


This article have got Chinese version and English version.


PAY ATTENTION: This change CANNOT recover.


(First, we need to download an application to unlock the local of your mobile. Unlocked that, you can update to any system just like A version or G version. But pay ATTENTION, you CANNOT recovery it!!!)

首先获取完整root权限,建议使用supersu来管理(First, get root permissions. It is recommended to use [supersu] to management of root. It can make it more safe and can not make more wrong on it.)

然后下载这个软件【FlymeLocalizationFree】(Then, download this application[FlymeLocalizationFree]. You can download it in the bottom of this article)

打开后点击第二个按钮,选择MX5(如弹出获取root权限请允许)(After install this application. Please open it and touch the second button. Then choose [Meizu_mx5]. If this application need root permissions. Please allow it.)

自动重启手机之后新设置即可生效(Your mobile will automatically reboot. After that your new setting will be work.)

然后,刷入国际版系统吧(Finally, you can try to wipe data and update your phone to G version system.)




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